6 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 10


Many Apple users have been waiting for a long time for the next version of the iOS. Here are 6 reasons why you should be upgrading to iOS 10 right now!

1. Raise to wake

How many times do you turn on your screen just to check the time or the notifications? Plenty of times right! That’s is why the new iOS comes up with a feature which they call ‘Raise to wake’. This feature enables the phone to wake up every time you grab it from a standalone position to usable position. This helps you check your notifications without even touching the power button or the screen.

2. Quick Camera launch

People love the iPhone for one reason and that’s the camera. And hence we tend to use camera app a lot. But there are some situations where you need to take some candid shots from your iPhone. That is where this feature can help. The raise to wake feature turns on the screen as soon as you take hold of it and then all you have to do is – slide to the left and that opens the camera app so that you won’t miss another candid shot.

3. Sort photos by faces and places

Now the Albums app in the iPhones has additional folder curated according to the places at which the photos were taken and also the people in them. This feature makes life lot easier when you’re trying to find some picture down the memory lane.

4. Erase Pre-installed apps

Not everyone needs the stock app in their iPhone right? Exactly! There are a lot more apps which people don’t often use but are still stuck with them as the iOS doesn’t let you delete them. But don’t you worry. With the new iOS 10, you can erase any pre-installed app that comes with the iPhone and use that space for other purposes.

5. Live links in messages

People often tend to bombard you with links all over your social media. We do not know what website or page open when you click or tap on that link. This has been a serious issue of information security from a long time. With the iOS 10, you can now see a preview of that link right where it is without leaving the app. This helps in taking the decision of opening that link or not.

6. Use SIRI with 3rd party apps

Till the iOS 9, Apple’s virtual assistant SIRI was able to be used only with the Apple apps. Now, in iOS 10, with the release of SIRI API’s, developers have integrated¬†SIRI into their apps as well and now SIRI can be used with a few of 3rd party apps. A few of the 3rd party apps that now support SIRI are – WhatsApp, Uber, etc.

Hope that helped you decide whether to move to iOS 10 or stay with the iOS 9. We at budli.in have a wide range of refurbished iPhones built with amazing quality. Check us at budli.in and grab your refurbished iPhone and update it to iOS 10 to enjoy all the listed features.

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