Which One Is Better: Android Or Windows Mobile?

Image source: telegraph.co.uk

Image source: telegraph.co.uk

Which one is better Android or Windows mobile OS? It’s difficult to tell you the exact answer. Windows mobile fans claim their OS is the best while Android lovers say there is no alternate to android. Android and Windows are two different operating systems that run on smartphones and tablets. Android is open source and Linux based operating system that is designed and developed by Android Inc. and purchased in 2005 by Google. On the other hand Windows phone is closed source that is solely developed by the company and protected by copyright.

Android has a large market share in comparison with Windows. The open nature, customizability with frequent updates helped the platform to take the major share. Recently Windows launched their Windows 8 version and Nokia, Samsung and HTC all the big brands have marketed their Windows 8 devices.

On the other hand Android has many high end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 along with Google’s own smartphone and latest version Nexus 7.

Image source: mashable.com

Image source: mashable.com

Many manufacturers run Android on their devices and make the most out of the open source Android OS. They develop the apps, games and content for their device. Many of such apps and games you can get free from Google play Store. Availability of such apps, games etc. made Android very popular among the consumers. Mobile application developers are also getting widespread scope to showcase their talent.

Image source: tutorialspoint.com

Image source: tutorialspoint.com

Windows mobile has some good functionalities as well, like you can input text with on screen virtual keyboard, there is opportunity for you to surf internet with internet explorer. You would get email access with support from Outlook.com. Windows mobile also provides you facility to use Xbox Music, Xbox Videos, Bing search engine, Bing maps, multitasking facility etc. along with Windows phone store for getting apps. However, the number of apps here are much less than Android.

The below table can show you an overall comparison between Android and Windows phone (Courtesy: differencebetween.info):


Windows Phone

Company/ Developer



Programmed in

Java, C, C++

C, C++

OS family



Initial release

September 23, 2008

October 21, 2010

Supported platforms

ARM, MIPS, x86, I.MX



Apache License 2.0

Linux kernel patches under GNU GPL v2

Commercial proprietary software

Default user interface

Graphical (Multi-touch)

Graphical (Metro UI)

Working state



Source model

Open source software



Updates are provided by different parties in the consortium.

Updates are only done by Microsoft.


Applications are created by an open community of developers.

Applications are created by tie up companies and Microsoft.

Touch style

Capacitive technology

Capacitive technology

Offers native support for

Google Sync for Gmail, Contacts, and Google Calendar.

Mail, Exchange, Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Windows Market, etc.

Number of applications

Over 700,000 applications

Limited number of applications.

Language support

Multiple language support

Multiple language support



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