Unboxed and Refurbished Mobiles a Walk Through

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What are Refurbished Mobiles?
The concept of Refurbished smartphones is very common one in the markets, but it wasn’t’ until recently that this term gained traction in India. Refurbished phones are not the new phones. These phones have been used by the consumers before, though they might not be used mobile phone for a very long period of time.
When any consumers return a defect handset with a minor problem, it is repaired and then sold as a refurbished mobile in India.

What are the Unboxed Mobiles?
Unboxed devices are the one which were not defected but were unboxed and returned by the consumers for some problem or any kind of reason. There is no way to know that why a phone was returned in the first place, but by definition a refurbished mobile is one which has been fixed to work as a new phone.

Advantages of buying a refurbished mobiles

There are many advantages for buying a refurbished mobile:-

Better Price – The best part of refurbished mobile is that they cost very less than a new mobile handset, but deliver the same sort of experience. Last generation devices are also available at hefty discounts and they can end up with an exciting deal if they know what they are looking for.

Environment friendly – By buying the refurbished phone, the user agree to reuse an item and help reducing the electronic waste on the planet. So if the user take environment seriously, that is one more reason to buy a refurbished handset.

Doubly tested– These handsets have been tested by the company itself, by users and then again by the skilled technicians and engineers, so yeah, in one sense they go through more testing procedure than the new handset.

Things to remember while buying the unboxed phone
There are many things which should be keep in mind while buying the unboxed phone. Just take care of few things-

1. The IMEI of the device is not blacklisted the user can check on the site. Blacklisted IMEI phones are mostly stolen or on-contract phones which are illegal to use in many countries.

2. Check and verify that all the accessories are original and batteries are compatible because most un-boxed phones come with different batteries than packed by manufacturer. Check on company website if they can verify their battery with its serial number.

3. Check for Charger socket like the India and different countries have different pins for wall socket charging.

4. Check if boot-loader of the device is unlocked or locked. An unlocked boot-loader tells that device is made compatible by installing different firmware. If the boot-loader is unlocked then check if software version is compatible with the region service provider.

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