Top 5 Free Safety Apps for Women

Women Safety

Safety of women in India has become a huge concern for the nation. The crime rate against women regarding sexual harassment, rape, are increasing day by day. The governments are taking measures to prevent them but are always failing. The laws in India have also made strict like never before, but still, there is almost no change in the crime rate. This has left the girls and woman in a devastating state.

It is now time to take preventive measure that can help us protect girls and keep them safe in such situations. One of the best security, measurement that we can take is the use of Women safety apps. These apps provide the best security measure that one can expect from a smartphone.

Top 5 Free Safety Apps for Women

1. Fight Back

Fight Back is developed by Mahindra group to help women stay safe and secure. This app makes use of GPS, GPRS, Facebook, Emails at the time of aid. The location is tracked with the support of Google Maps, and the location is sent to the near and dear ones set previously in the app. Fight Back is compatible with a broad range of smartphones and is available for free.

2. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

This app was developed by Star India, to ensure women safety after the issue of Delhi rape case. This app makes use of GPS and GPRS to track the location. There is a panic button in the app which ones pressed to send out emails and messages with the message which says, “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” along with the location. These messages and emails are sent for every two minutes till the victim is found.

3. On watch

On watch is the app which is very popular among students and employees to ensure their safety. This app sends emails and messages containing the location from time to time if the person does not reach home in the time set in the app. This app is majorly used by parents or guardians to ensure that their child has reached home safely in the usual time.

4. Cab4me

The security for women in the night time is one of the major concern. Many of the women who work in the software sector take up cabs to reach their home. But, during night time things get a little risky. This is where Cab4me comes for help. Cab4me helps you book a cab anytime and anywhere. It uses GPS location system to let you select your drop off location. In case, no cabs are available it provides an option to do a local search and find suitable options.

5. Street Safe

Street Safe is a premium app which ensures the safety of women. This app will help you get home with its Personal Safety Advisor and features like “Walk with me” which gives brief details of the situation and also helps the user reach home safely.

That was the list of top 5 women safety apps. Most of them are supported by Android smartphones. We are offer a wide range of refurbished Android smartphones, check us at and grab your own refurbished mobile and install the above-listed apps and stay safe.


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