Top 3 Best Android Lockscreen Apps

Lockscreen’s are the most which we look at on a day to day basis. It might be to check the time or some notifications. As an attempt to make you lockscreen look good and add some more features to it, we bring you the top 3 android lockscreen apps.

 1. Next Lockscreen

This is the lockscreen app developed by Microsoft as a part of the series of apps that were built for the Android platform. The Next lockscreen is a very clean looking lockscreen app which when swiped down unlocks the phone and when swiped up you get access to some quick apps which you prefer to use the most. These apps can also be changed and hidden from the lockscreen based on your preferences. It also has options to set your mobile phone settings based on your current state, be it work, on the go or home.The notifications also show up on the lockscreen and can be tapped to open and swiped to the left to dismiss the notification.

The notifications also show up on the lockscreen and can be tapped to open and swiped to the left to dismiss the notification. When playing music, a widget appears on the lockscreen with options to pause, skip to next or previous track. The Next Lockscreen also has options to handle the WiFi, Bluetooth, torch, screen rotation and a lot more from the lockscreen itself.

2. Echo Lockscreen

The Echo Lockscreen has got a minimal design to it. It has a music widget on the top of the screen with all the general music options. The notifications are on the bottom of the music widget, the best part about this app is that you can prioritise your notifications, i.e., you can tell that app which notifications to show first and which ones to show next. Dismissing a notification is similar to that of the next lockscreen, all you need to do is swipe to the left and it’s gone.

You can slide to the right to unlock the phone just like the iPhone lockscreen and the camera app can be launched by simply swiping to the top. When the music is not running you will see a beautiful clock widget in the place of the music widget.

3. Snap Lock

The snap lock has got a fairly similar wallpaper to that of the Echo Lockscreen except that the music widget is slightly smaller. All your notifications show up below the clock widget and can be swiped left to dismiss and swiped right to open them. When you swipe to the left in the lockscreen you will get access to the simple looking weather widget, calendar widget and a bunch of customizable apps which can be changed in the settings panel. There is an option is the settings which will let you get access to these apps in the lockscreen itself.

That was the top 3 lockscreen apps that will help you make your Android smartphone look good and adds some functionality as well. We at have a wide range of refurbished smartphones which are ready to be used. Check us out at and grab your next Android smartphone now!

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