Things To Do Before Selling Your Laptop

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You have geared up to buy a new laptop but what do you do with the one you have at hand? You decide to sell it wondering if you could get the best resale value for your used laptop. There are great deals offered for refurbished laptops in India and so you can sell your laptop to popular re-furbishers.

Before you give your laptop away, there are a few things you must do-

  • When you decide to sell your laptop, the first thing you need to do is backup all the files you want. These could be anything from documents to music, photographs, videos etc. The best way to do this is use an external hard drive to transfer and store all the data that you need. If it’s just a small amount of data you can always make use of online cloud storage. Look up methods for permanently removing the data from the laptop in such a manner that they cannot be retrieved later.

  • Make sure you logout of all your accounts that you had been using on the laptop. Be careful with accounts that have automated passwords. Logout of your email account, social media profiles, bank credentials, or even accounts that identify your PC as an active device and so on. You don’t want your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

  • Format your hard drive. Once you have all the data that you need, you can format it. When your laptop is formatted, all the content is erased including the OS.You will need to install a new version later. It is best if you use master formatting tools, to clean out your system. Otherwise, there are chances that the next user may recover all your data.

  • Once you have made sure that your entire system has been wiped out, you can re-install your OS. Most brand laptops come with restore CDs. If you do not have restore CDs, the least you can do is install Linux OS, for instance Ubuntu.

  • Wipe out the exterior of your laptop, make it look clean. Only then will you get a good price for that second hand laptop.

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