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So you need a laptop; well, what exactly do you need it for? Office work, studies, gaming, watching movies, surfing… and the list goes on. Consider buying a used laptop rather than a fresh piece. Most people think of used gadgets with a negative aura looming over it. Explore the list of refurbished laptops in India, you will be amazed at the deals available on our website!

What is the difference between a second hand laptop and a refurbished one? A refurbished laptop is a used laptop that has been quality checked and sometimes even upgraded by our expert team. Refurbished gadgets are supposed to perform as good as a new one. Whereas a second hand laptop may not be checked and tested so. Therefore, second hand devices are less reliable than refurbished laptops.

Here’s what you should look into while buying used laptops:

  • Buy from a reputable retailer – like, for instance. This way, you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product. We ensure that all the glitches are fixed, and provide a warranty period too. You can always check the reviews written by our earlier customers – this will give you an idea of our commitment to providing quality pre-owned gadgets!

  • Inspect the laptop for damage before you buy the laptop. Examine the screen while the laptop is on. Check the screen for uneven brightness, flickering screen or even dead pixels. A flickering screen indicates an internal loose connection that cannot be repaired. Having one or two dead pixels may not pose much of a problem but anything more than that can distort the picture quality. Check the keyboard and the trackpad for any damage. Do not forget to check the ports and input points, they are connected to the motherboard replacement of which, is expensive. Check for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections too. Of course, when you buy from us, we take care of

  • Check for battery life. You cannot expect long battery life in case of a used laptop. Find out the battery back-up time before you decide to purchase.

  • Check for bundled software. Most often, all the software and drivers are wiped clean during the revamp, so ask your retailer about the software and driver inclusions.

If you’re in the market for a premium refurbished laptop, there’s no better place than We have stringent quality check processes, and accept gadgets only if they pass those tests. You will find high quality refurbished laptops and Smartphones on, India’s first online portal for buying and selling used and refurbished gadgets.

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