Running Out Of Battery? Leave It To Mother Nature!

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The devastating news that Bangalore will be unliveable in the next 5 years given by the IISC is one of the biggest wake-up calls to all Indians and overall the world population. We are consuming and consuming without any regard for sustainably, or even care for the environment. Result? The garden city, Silicon Valley of India has dead lakes, and needs immediate action.

Electricity is major contributor to that, and one of the most common uses of electricity is to charge phones. The increased functionality and usage of phones is making charging ports and chargers a necessity these days. We use smartphones for everything these days, and continue that usage, we need charge.

Some of the most innovative ways of charging available are eco-friendly. The most recent one basically utilizes a plant pot. A company called Arkyne Technologies, based in Barcelona made Bio Lite; a potted plant which can give you almost 3 charges by using the electricity developed when the plant is using photosynthesis. Remember photosynthesis? How a plant traps the solar energy to make food while utilizing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. They’ve harnessed that power to use the electricity created during to process and make it useable. Currently you can reserve a Bioo plant pot at $135 USD which is about Rs.9000 for a charger that never runs out of electricity, doesn’t increase your household bill, and make your home greener, and better. They will be available from December 2016.

You might be thinking that there are other ways too, and yes there are. The one that comes closest to this are, solar chargers, which now are commercially available at a very reasonable price. Solar chargers can convert the sun’s heat energy to a form that is useful to charge your smartphone. There are different kinds of solar chargers, some that sit on a window facing the sun while others which have solar panels that have to be flat on the ground.These chargers are not very bulky and can be easily carried in your backpack. Certain solar chargers even allow you to charge them when there is enough sun light and then use them later even in the dead of the night.

The idea of finding eco-friendly ways of charging is to save the environment, as Budli is doing. Budli allows you to sell your second hand mobiles at a very reasonable price, and buy refurbished mobiles which are at the best quality and condition possible at an equally responsible price. Budli allows you reduce E-waste, and dispose it in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Multiple used mobile phones, laptops, tablets and iPods are just lying in your home unused and turning into junk. You can sell it to us for a great price and help the environment as well. At the same time, if you want to buy a new phone, why create a dent in your wallet for that? We have the latest smartphones which are refurbished to their best conditions! These refurbished gadgets will help you save money and feel better that you saved the environment as well. Buy and Sell laptops, Tablets, iPods and smartphones at smart-price, go to

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