The Unbearable Heat – How Recycling Used Phones And Buying Refurbished Can Save The Environment!

Reduce e-waste by recycling used phone

Among other places, Bangalore which is known for its amazing weather; has recorded the highest temperature this April (36.7˚C) in the last 5 years, the pollution levels of Bengaluru are off the charts! The ‘air conditioned’ garden city of India has lost its charm! People are running for places with AC’s, kids and adults alike running after ice-creams! Café’s, shopping centres, and juice shops have exponential profits! Electricity bills are going through the roof! Who is to blame here? Who? No it’s not us; it’s our habits, our methods, and our resourcefulness.

It’s not just wasting water, or oil that contributes; it’s the newest and one of the most hazardous and recyclable waste. It’s E-Waste. The 21st century is so tech savvy that having the latest technology and internet access is crucial not just for work but for socialization as well. Met someone at a party? Facebook them! Want to watch that speech you missed? Get it on YouTube! Looking for practically anything in the whole wide world including information available on outer-space, conspiracy theories or well your favourite celebrity? Google it!

In 2014, India generated 1641 metric kilo tonnes of E-waste, an equivalent to the weight of 4 Empire State buildings; which contain 100 of different toxic and radioactive materials such as mercury, lead etc. Computes and Mobile Phones have the highest amount of these toxic materials. What the majority hasn’t noticed about chipsets is that they have heavy metals such as Copper, valuable metals such as Gold and even radioactive metals such as Palladium. When these waste go as dump to landfills, they’re either buried, which destroys the soil and vegetation there, or they’re burned which contributes to the greenhouse effect; both causing high temperatures and this unbearable heat, and well the overall climate change.

Ironically, all this waste is actually quite useful in making new devices rather than mining for metals, most of them can be recycled rather than simply leaving them to junk. Mining for new metals creates a huge amount of pollution, harms the well-being of the workers if they deal with radioactive metals and is potentially life threatening and a destruction of aesthetic beauty. Only 1.5% of E-Waste is recycled formally. 20270 tonnes of E-Waste is generated by Maharashtra alone; which is almost equal to the total weight of 15000 Mangalyaan satellites.

The development is so fast that every day, innovation is taking place and the technology being used today is becoming the technology of day before yesterday. Updating your tech can lead to a huge dent in your wallet, since these things don’t come that easy. What do you do with your old phone when you get a new one? Give it your kids? But they already have the newest tablets to play with! Give it to your servants? That’s not really a pretty picture because if the touch screen breaks, who’s going to pay for fixing it? *Hint: it’s you* So what’s the solution? It’s Budli! The best place to sell your old phones at a very reasonable price and to buy refurbished mobiles too! What is refurbished you asked? Refurbished items are those which are bought from users and go through our extreme quality control and inspection; and then are fixed to their best conditions.

Why buy used phones you ask? Well at Budli, we believe in honesty and quality. Budli provides you with all the information about the phone alone with a rating of the physical condition of the phone. We have diversity, from Android to Windows to IOS. The most basic of usage of phones this day is that it should have the facility of calling, a good camera; Wi-Fi enabled, and should be able to smoothly run social media, gaming, new update apps and mail. Buying a new phone can often, as mentioned before, put a dent in your wallet; Budli gives you the chance to get a smartphone at a smart-price.

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