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Proper packaging is very important to ensure that there is no damage to your gadet while in transit. The details for packing and shipping process of your old gadget are specified here.

Once you accept the price quote you should first complete the checkout process. You’ll then get an option to “Print Shipping Label” after completing the checkout process or else click here.


Please take a print out of this label which can be affixed on the package. Now please do follow the below secure packing process that can ensure that your gadget reaches us in the right condition.

Before you pack please make the below materials ready with you:


1. A cardboard box. It’s better if you have the original box (in good condition) of your old gadget.


2. Other packing materials like old newspapers, thermocol, bubble wrap.


3. Tape


4. Shipping label that you’ve printed earlier


Now get ready for packing. The steps starts from here:


1. Disintegrate the old newspaper and use them to fill the box. They can save your old smartphone, laptop, tablet or whatever you have inside the box from any type of jerking at the time of movement.


2. Now you’ve to wrap the gadget in bubble wrap. It’s advisable to wrap at least of 4-5 layers to give the gadget some added protection. Please don’t forget to use the tape around the bubble wrap. Otherwise it can open while it travel.


3. The bubble wrapped gadget should be placed at the middle of the box.


4. In order to give some more protection to your old gadget it’s better to add few more disintegrated newspapers inside the box. Here you should add thermocol sheets to offer added protection to your old stuff.


5. Now you should close the top of your box and tape it properly.


6. Your packing is almost done. But just to make sure that you properly packed the gadget, hold the box tightly and shake. If you feel the stuff is moving inside then your packing is not good enough. In such case you should open the box again and add few more disintegrated newspapers and thermocol sheets.


7. Now it’s the time to affix the printed shipping label on the packing box.


Now your gadget is ready for the shipment pickup! We offer free shipping from most locations in India. For some additional information you can check “How it works” Page in our website . For any enquiry please feel free to reach us via phone, email or instant chat section in our website.

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