iPhone 7 Release Date Revealed!

The much awaited and talked about the release of the next iPhone is finally revealed. According to the latest invites sent out to the media from Apple; the company invited the media to an event in San Francisco on 7th September 2016. This move by Apple has been taken for granted by the world that September 7th will be the release date of the next Apple’s range of new iPhone – iPhone 7.

According to reports, the new iPhone will be coming up in three variants – iPhone 7, iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro. All these next generation smartphones are expected to be revealed at the event by Apple later this month. Apple Watch (2nd gen) is also scheduled to be announced alongside the iPhones. The same reports also say that the pre-order will began from September 9th, 2016 and the devices are expected to hit the store by 16th September 2016.

Although there is an official statement by Apple that they are going to be revealing the iPhones in the event in San Francisco on 7th September. Many of the internal sources have revealed that the event is going to mark the launch of the iPhone 7 series. The invite had “See you on the 7th” written on it.

There have been rumours about iPhone 7 all the year, with people coming up different expected models of the physical look as well as the build quality of the iPhone 7. The most interesting assumption made till date is the dual camera iPhone 7. As far as the rumours and leaks are concerned here’s what we know whats going to come up.

The iPhone 7 is going to be coming up in three variants and unlike its previous version, they are named as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. The iPhone 7 will be sporting a 4.7-inch screen whereas the other two variants will be coming up with 5.5-inch displays. The only noticeable difference observed from the iPhone 7 leaks is that the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro are having almost similar specifications expect the dual camera which will be available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Also, many reports confirm that Apple has finally decided to ditch it’s 16GB version of handsets in the upcoming release of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 will be hitting up with the minimum storage option of 32Gb followed by the 62GB version. There are also reports which say that the iPhone 7 will be coming up in a 256GB variant as well.

The rumours on the audio jack i.e. the headphones port might also turn out to be true, the iPhone 7 is rumoured not to have any headphones port in it. Well, all of these are just assumptions and might or might not be true. We have to wait till the official release is made and the real details of the specifications and features are released.

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