iPhone 6 – will it be totally scratchless?

It’s quite common to see an old smartphone with cracked or scratched up screen. But the upcoming iPhone 6 might be an exception as Apple wants to give extra protection to its latest smartphone screen. Here Apple is using crystal sapphire screen to give your latest iPhone screen a super strong durability!


We’ve seen use of sapphire for the front cover of wristwatches, jewelry or some high end electronic products. So far Apple has Gorilla glass for all of its iPhone models, but experts say this crystal sapphire screen would be more scratch-resistant than the present Gorilla glass.


Sapphire is considered as the third hardest material in the world. Hence you can surely expect to see your iPhone 6 screen totally scratchless. It could be a great venture of Apple, because it’s not so easy to cut sapphire and shape it properly to fit well as your iPhone screen. Sapphire is also quite costly.


You can watch the below YouTube video:



But until you get your iPhone 6 model if you’ve a cracked iPhone or any other smartphone you can sell it at Budli.in.

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