Interesting things to know about e waste

You can never ignore the importance of e waste whichever part of the world you are located in. It has become an issue everybody is both intrigued and plagued by these days. With a surge in the manufacture and sale of gadgets, the planet has become a major consumer of electrical and electronic devices, and hence a key creator of e waste. India, among many other countries, is another big producer of e waste. As civilization will move ahead, the creation of e waste will grow in tandem. Check out the following facts to get an idea about the perpetration of e waste across the globe:


The United States of America creates between 300 million and 400 million electronic items per year at the moment, of which less than 20 % is recycled.


A total of 50 million odd cell phones are replaced every month across the globe. Only 10 % of these phones are recycled. Recycling only a million cell phones can considerably bring down the greenhouse gas emissions, which would be equal to taking 1368 vehicles off the roads for one whole year.


A huge quantity of items are easily written off as e waste and thrown away mercilessly. This portion is not e waste at all, they are rather whole or parts of electronic equipment that can be marketed for using again, or recycled for acquiring fresh materials.


2 per cent of USA’s trash in landfills is e waste while it is equal to 70 % of overall toxic waste. The large quantity of lead that can be obtained from this electronic waste is so harmful that it can easily damage the central and peripheral nervous systems, the blood vessels as well as the kidneys.


The fastest growing municipal waste stream in USA according to the EPA is e waste.

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