How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone?

Everyday use, sharing and downloading loads of files, videos, images can make your favourite phone slow with time. So the common question is how to speed up your android smartphone. Apple’s iOS 7.1 is quite fast and iPhone users can really enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean Android users need to be lacking of such speed in their devices. There are few simple steps that you could follow to improve the performance of your android phone and can get super fast speed:


Try to update your apps: Many times outdated version of your mobile apps can make your android device slow. Check your installed apps and whether any updated option is available for them.


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Kill your background apps: For any Android device if you launch an application it’ll continue to run on the background still after you moved to any different task. So you can understand as much apps you launch the chance of your phone to get slow become high. It’s always better to kill some apps that running on your device background and using the phone memory. Before you start killing them make sure about the apps that are running on the background but no longer in use.

You can use Advance Task Killer or ATK, an Android application and kill few apps on your mobile and accordingly boost the memory.
Turning off background data of your phone: Few apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. can constantly download data in the background of your android device. This can really make your smartphone quite slow. So you should prevent this in the following way-
Open settings manager – Data Manager – now deselect your background data

Stop using external memory card for running apps. This can slow your device. Use your external memory card only to store music, videos etc.

Defragmentation like your PC: Your android phone can also be defragmented to boost the speed. You can use many android application for the same like Memory Booster or Microsoft Total Defrag or any other apps.


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