How to reuse your old gadgets

Want to get rid of your old gadgets? They seem just useless for you and occupying areas in your home. Our digital world is moving very fast and it’s become really difficult for us to stay away from updated new gadgets like smartphone, tablets, iPods and so on. So what will you do with your old and outdated models? You’ve plenty of options in your hand like you can donate your old devices to any charity, can sell them or even can recycle them. Recycling can be a very good option, but you must know the proper ways to do it. Matt Petronzio has shared an article on this at Mashable.


But is there any way you can use your old gadgets for other use? Yes, there can be several ways you can reuse them. Like:

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You can turn your old smartphone or iPod into TV remote. Seems funny right? But with many available advanced apps you can easily use them as your television remote control. Don’t worry, it really works!


If your laptop is too old and not in working condition, instead of throwing it to any garbage box you can use that as second display for your desktop computer. Sometimes this can be quite advantageous for you while you work with your desktop computer but needs a second display for the same.

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An old and used tablet can be used as a digital photo frame.


Your old MP3 player can be used effectively as your car’s music system. We’re almost all smartphone users and hence don’t feel to keep any MP3 player additionally. So if you’ve any old one you can use that device into your car stereo.


There can be plenty of options to use your old gadgets for any new purpose. But if you still do not agree to reuse them it’s better to sell them through any trusted ReCommerce website like

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