Do you want to avoid charging your iPhone everyday?

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Using an iPhone is quite useful and offers lots of features. Gone are those days when a fully charged mobile could run smoothly for 2/3 days. Today’s smartphones offer lots of features in it, so naturally the battery is draining faster. Here are a few pointers on the factors which have a co-relation with your iPhone battery life:

1. Wi-Fi: Keeping the wi-fi off can give your iPhone battery a long life. Your iPhone has a feature to connect via Wi-Fi and that connection is even faster than 3G or 4G. While you travel or are far away from any Wi-Fi hotspot it’s better to have it turned off. This practice can help you to protect your battery life.

2. Screen Brightness: Brightness has a direct relation in reducing the battery energy of your smartphone. It’s advisable to reduce the brightness of your iPhone to protect the battery energy for long.

3. Bluetooth: Turning your bluetooth off without requirement can be a good practice to save bettery energy for long. Once you need you can go to the settings area of your iPhone and turn the bluetooth on. Once your requirement is over then don’t forget to turn it off.

4. Dynamic background: This option can be found at iOS 7. Selecting static background image instead of dynamic background that moves below the app icons can save your battery energy to some extent.

5. Location services: This is one of the main features of your iPhone and quite helpful for you also, like using this you can get direction while you drive, can help you to find out a place etc. But you know this feature can also drains your iPhone battery. So better to turn it off while not in use.

6. Auto Brightness: Please don’t forget to turn this feature on in your iPhone. This can be an excellent option for putting less pressure on your iPhone battery and get the maximum benefits for users convenience. If you turn the option on in your iPhone model then the brightness of the screen will automatically be changed based upon the light around it.



Sometimes you might find it inconvenient to turn off some of the above said features. You could think that there is no point to use iPhone if you won’t avail the facilities! True, but sometimes turning some features off can help you to keep the energy inside the battery for long. This is also important!



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