Cell Phone And Your Health

Image source: healthyaction.com.au

Image source: healthyaction.com.au

How many hours do you spend everyday to talk on your cell phone? It could be urgent business calls or for that matter you enjoy talking to your friends for hours. You’ll find so many people around you who get busy most of the time talking to someone using a cell phone. We understand the importance of keeping your cell phone for effective communications. But what about the side effects of using cell phones for hours? Do you think that using a mobile for a long time can damage our health? Let’s start the discussion from here:


Studies say that electromagnetic radiation of cell phones can slowly damage our human body. So if you talk to your friend keeping your device at your ear for long time the radiation can easily get absorbed into your body, and can slowly damage your auditory nerve and even can affect your brain cells. As per researchers there is a correlation between brain tumor and cell phone users who talk for hours everyday.


It can be quite hard for you to suddenly stop talking using your cell phone. In such case it’s better to take some precautions like try to keep your phone away from your ear while you dial a number. Because maximum amount of radiation comes while you hear that the cell phone on the opposite side is ringing. Sometimes you can use bluetooth handset instead of directly using your mobile. This can let you absorb lower level of microwave radiation and hence does not cause much harm to your body.


Try to avoid using your mobile phone frequently for talking. Avoid talking to anyone for long hours using the phone. Initially it could be quite difficult for you to change your habit. But you know you can’t compromise with your health anyway!


If possible sometimes you may use speaker instead of holding the device tightly at your ear. This way you can also be able to avoid direct radiation to your body.


Prolonged use of mobile phones can cause headache, fatigue and sometimes may lead to high blood pressure. So it’s quite important to avoid direct exposure of electromagnetic radiation to your head and ear. Many times you can text message your friend, use Whatsapp or any other applications where you can avoid such direct exposure but still can effectively communicate to anyone.


WHO(World health organization) recommends you to:

  • Try to minimize the length of your call to avoid harmful effects of radio frequencies

  • Avoid using your mobile while you drive

  • People who use any hearing aids must avoid using cell phones

  • Stop using your mobile inside Intensive Care Unit of any hospital

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