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Smartphones of 2018

Smartphones in 2018: What to expect?

There is every reason for smartphone fans to be excited for next 12 months because all Smartphone giants like Apple, Samsung, Google and all others are making their flagships ready for this year. As impressed with the flagship phones of 2017, there’s definitely some room for improvement.

As we all know,

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Oneplus to Face Patent Issues Over Face Unlock

China’s giant mobile making company OnePlus has brought the successor of the OnePlus 5, it’s the all-new OnePlus 5T handset, and one thing that all the people were impressed about is the device’s Face Unlock feature. All the One plus 5T users where shocked after experiencing the immense speed of

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Asus ROG Gaming Laptops Launched in India

The Gaming Industry in India has grown rapidly over the last few years, in turn increasing the demand for serious gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are designed with powerful components, colourful designs, and premium prices, gaming laptops are a different beast than typical mainstream notebooks.

ASUS has always aimed to put an

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iPhone X

Is it Worth Buying the iPhone X?

Ten years ago, the world got much bigger making our gadgets smaller all in one shot. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, the first internet-connected smartphone that put user experience above all, finally 10 years later, Apple introduced iPhone X. There have been many rumors about the iPhone X before and

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