Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S7

iPhone 6 vs Samsung S7


Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung S7 is the successor of the S6, this flagship model of Samsung is stronger like never before – the company has managed to put in everything that its customers wanted over the s6 and s6 edge devices and now, those devices don;t stand a chance in front of the S7 smartphone. A huge list of features added like never before has made the Samsung s7 the smartphone that everyone will tend to buy for themselves.

The iPhone 6 and 6s, on the other hand, have not improved much from its successor models. All that people can notice is the faster fingerprint sensor, 3D touch and large storage. These are just a few things that you can notice right away from the time you start using an iPhone 6s.

Taking about the hardware, even though many of us might find the iPhone 6s very attractive due to its metal look, in reality, the cheap storage upgrades and the low water resistance ability makes the Apple iPhone out of the race and Samsung’s flagship wins this one.

Now the battery, the most important part of any smartphone is to withstand the usage and still give out the best usage time. The Samsung S7 has fast charge support makes life easier, it charges up so quickly that you can get sufficient charge for a days use in the time you take a shower. The iPhone 6s is relatively slower in charging and very high in getting drained.

Coming to the performance, according to the reports – both the devices are equally good. The Samsung S7 has a powerful GPU but the iPhone 6s has performance similar to that of the Samsung S7.

The audio output on both the devices is also reality similar and the difference between the audio from both the devices cannot be noticed by the naked ear. But, when plugged into a stereo a small and almost negligible difference can be observed in the audio quality and the Samsung has it better. But as mentioned above, it is not noticeable by naked ears.

Camera quality on both the smartphones is great, the iPhone takes great pictures in HDR mode than Samsung S7, but the Samsung is the winner in taking selfies and main camera photos with more detailed and sharp images. Night time i.e. low light photos are also relatively better in Samsung S7, but the iPhone also gets the job done.

Video recording also has Samsung S7 as the winner with better video quality and relatively low noise in the video. The S7 also manages to grab more detail in the videos than the iPhone 6s.

To sum it up, both are awesome smartphones. It all depends on what you are looking for in the devices, the Samsung S7 is the winner according to me, but the iPhone 6s also does a good job in all the fields of testing.

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