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6 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 10


Many Apple users have been waiting for a long time for the next version of the iOS. Here are 6 reasons why you should be upgrading to iOS 10 right now!

1. Raise to wake

How many times do you turn on your screen just to check the time or the notifications?

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Does your smartphone really need a screen guard

In today’s world, people are just becoming overprotective in all terms and when it comes to their smartphones it gets even worse. People tend to become overprotective with their smartphones. Just by adding screen guard or a tapered glass makes them feel more secure while using their mobile phone. But in reality,

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Women Safety

Top 5 Free Safety Apps for Women

Safety of women in India has become a huge concern for the nation. The crime rate against women regarding sexual harassment, rape, are increasing day by day. The governments are taking measures to prevent them but are always failing. The laws in India have also made strict like never before,

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Top 3 Best Android Lockscreen Apps

Lockscreen’s are the most which we look at on a day to day basis. It might be to check the time or some notifications. As an attempt to make you lockscreen look good and add some more features to it, we bring you the top 3 android lockscreen apps.

 1. Next

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5 Myths About Smartphones Exposed!

We are surrounded by the world which has rumours spreading faster than the actual news. In the same manner, there are many myths about smartphones that people still believe to be true. Here we are going to bust a few of the myths about smartphones.

Myth 1: iPhone will work faster when

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3 Tricks to Charge your Android Phone Faster

Who doesn’t like a mobile that charges fast? Everybody wants one, don’t they? Well, not every smartphone comes with a fast charger or with USB type C support which helps in getting the charging process faster. Your Android smartphone might be having some really important files and advanced apps that

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iPhone 7 Release Date Revealed!

The much awaited and talked about the release of the next iPhone is finally revealed. According to the latest invites sent out to the media from Apple; the company invited the media to an event in San Francisco on 7th September 2016. This move by Apple has been taken for granted by

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