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Quality tablets you might like to purchase

Below are few top quality tablets available in Indian market. Do you want to purchase any one of them? Before you buy let’s start few comparison between their models and technical specifications. Here we’ll discuss about the pros and cons (if any) of few latest models arrived in India:


iPhone 6 – will it be totally scratchless?

It’s quite common to see an old smartphone with cracked or scratched up screen. But the upcoming iPhone 6 might be an exception as Apple wants to give extra protection to its latest smartphone screen. Here Apple is using crystal sapphire screen to give your latest iPhone screen a super

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How to speed up your android phone?

How to speed up your android phone? It’s a quite common question that sometime you may have also asked someone. Downloading applications, videos, taking pictures of your friends and parties can surely slow down your smartphone with time. Even it can be that much slow that letters are coming a

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Low cost Galaxy Smartphones


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Good news for teenagers and smartphone users! Samsung is shortly going to launch low cost Galaxy smartphones. With Android 4.4 and wide variety of technical specifications soon

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